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December 21, 2012


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I agree with you that it is not more reasonable to think that Jesus ascended to heaven in a physical body than to think he was taken care of by a group of healers. In fact, in terms of ordinary laws governing life as we experience it is probably less reasonable. However, this does not mean it did not take place (nor that it did). When I talk about truth residing in everyman’s heart- I am talking about gnostic truth, truth based on inner knowing that is truly tied to real supersensible experience of something like Cosmic Consciousness. I do not, at present, give credence, however, to either AMORC’s or conventional Christian views- nor do I claim that I have unveiled the truth about Jesus in my own heart, in the way I have just described. I agree with you that in respect of AMORC’S discussion of Jesus, there isn’t anything in AMORC more easily to believe than in conventional Christian doctrine. So since these views, when it comes down to it, are based on straight belief, then I will have to discard absorbing them as part of my task to know the truth. But did Jesus ascend or be transformed in some wonderful way- at the point or after his alleged death? I still think it is an answer worth trying to figure out. But I suspect the answer is objective- he either did or did not.

what shall we say? denial of God the Father-the Divine, is a physical illness, denial of Christ Jesus, His crucifixion, death and resurrection - a calamity--utter darkness of mind, and absence of the Holy Spirit- total dullness and lethargy. The manifestation of Christ in Jesus, the Mystery of Golgotha, and resurrection are all historical events,however the apprehension of the significance of these greatest earth 'event' is an interior matter for each individual yet whoever is bereft of such assurance through belief, faith, knowledge, and experience is indeed in a pitiable condition. to be contn

Perhaps all of the above however, bare in mind that as one thinks so is one. So, no matter what one believes the facts are very dubious if anything. Can one really be sure that the bible stories are true? That history relating to the stories is actually true?

We have only the church's view on this. And we all know the history of the Church. The greatest murdering organisation on earth.

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