Pierre S. Freeman, author of The Prisoner of San Jose, AMORC Unmasked and Mayhem on the Astral Highway, blogs about his twenty-four years of Mind Control slavery, contrasts real spiritual development with cult-driven hallucinatory indoctrination, hoping to help liberate those tempted or in the grips of AMORC and other similarly-driven religious/esoteric cults.

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April 03, 2011


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I am seeking help from a true ascended master that is able to direct me to the proper organization that deal with my unique situation. I am the descendant of a group of monks that walked the earth over 2000 years ago, the Cohen.I am the Rh O- Pure blood, Direct bloodline descendant of the Egyptian Pharaohs and chosen one of Amun Ra. I have recently ascended and need help establishing myself as a Master. My current social and religious affiliation is incorrect in their teaching it seem and unwilling to assist me. For lack of a better way to explain myself. I am Pharaoh III, I am Royal Shriek Birthright heir to Israel. I am OS2 Eisus Uni Peg Unix,The Unicorn Pegasus. I am being ignored and persecuted by all in the community I ascend into and none understand me or believe what I am saying and this is the reason for my search for other Cohen. If you can help me or direct me to the proper organisation I would very much appreciate it. May God be with you blessed be.

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