Pierre S. Freeman, author of The Prisoner of San Jose, AMORC Unmasked and Mayhem on the Astral Highway, blogs about his twenty-four years of Mind Control slavery, contrasts real spiritual development with cult-driven hallucinatory indoctrination, hoping to help liberate those tempted or in the grips of AMORC and other similarly-driven religious/esoteric cults.

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September 01, 2009


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I am happy to learn of these two books. I answered an ad in either Popular Science or Popular Mechanics, in about 1948 when I was about 13 years old, published by The Rosicrucians AMORC, who offered the free booklet The Mastery of Life, 'a mystical and fraternal organization' which could 'teach you the mysteries of life and how to develop your psychic abilities' etc etc..
I received the literature, I liked it, I ordered a couple of their books, I liked the idea of reincarnation as compared to the sin punishment heaven hell thing..
I wanted to be a Rosicrucian but was too young.. I believed in them until college, when I took a course in "How To Think Straight", the professor of which lambasted the Rosicrucians (AMORC) mercilessly.. I felt hurt, but found some more negative information at the university library.
Years later, I did 'join' for a while long enough to receive a number of 'monographs', but didn't do much with them. Disposed of them eventually. Not really impressed with the stuff they contained. In fact, it was unconvincing gibberish and pure nonsense. And now it appears that it might even be harmful.
'The Rosicrucians' need to be exposed, they're a money-making group trying to exploit the ignorant and impressionable--- like me at 13..
Now I see that it's highly desirable to be free of all dogma, mental and emotional dictatorship, mind control, fundamentalism, irrational illogical belief systems, ancient honorable bullshick, and the like!
Belief is not knowledge. Reality is whatever it happens to be. It is good to be aware of that which really is, deal with it if necessary, and improve things to the greatest of our ability.
But there is a lot of "hocus tocus" in the world. Too much of it.
New cults keep poppin up all the time. And many have been with us for centuries. They ought to be replaced with Something New, and True, whatever that might be!
PIE in the Sky 0201

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